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I’m Not Mad at Michael Jackson

March 23, 2012
 Photo Courtesy of Ted TatumI

Peach Tree Bloom

Spring seems to be here early but it’s right on time.  A mild winter prohibited me from wearing my favorite leather coat but I hate cold weather anyway.  So, looking out my window and seeing the blossoms on the peach tree puts a smile on my face – the finishing touches for my makeup.  What makes you smile?

Today I was given “propofol” for a procedure.  I asked the nurse, “Michael Jackson propofol?”  She answered yes and assured me that everything would be okay and they have never had a problem.  The last thing I remember was smiling and………   WOW!  That was some good rest.  After that experience, I was thinking, “Michael I understand”.  But like every thing meant for good, we take it to the extreme with devastating effects.

What makes you smile?

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  1. I can think of many things that make me smile but there is a special thing I would like to share with you. Remembering those little quiet moments I use to have with my mother as she would begin to give advice and wisdoms that only her and I would share – just knowing she cared enough to take the time to make sure I understood certain things would always give me a warm sense of comfort and the sweetness of it all would never fail to put a smile on my face.

  2. I was driving on 401 today with my daughter in the back….she was singing as she often does…but this time it was not…..The wheels on the bus song….. It was Shirley Caesars. O Jesusssss…how I love calling your name..lets me know she is listening to me…..I Smiled

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