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Returning Girls to Ladies

October 29, 2018

When I was in elementary school, we had to bring a handkerchief every day and have our finger nails inspected. The teacher would have us place our clean white handkerchief on the desk and place our hands palms down as she walked around the room and inspected. No one was to have dirty fingernails.  I grew up poor, without apology, and sometimes I had to tell the teacher that I didn’t have a handkerchief but my nails were clean.  This was a long time ago when teachers were admired and you dare misbehave.  Otherwise, you were on the list for punishment at school as well as when you got home.

Fast forward fifty years to the future and respect has gone out the door and everything natural is fabricated.  I was blessed to connect with Dr. Donna Corbett of Amazing Grace Etiquette 15 years ago who branched out and started a nonprofit to teach children how to be young ladies and young gentlemen.  Dr. Corbett has been very successful with changing the attitudes of children, teens and adults through the numerous programs at Amazing Grace Etiquette.

Each year we have a Holiday Princess Tea Party Extravaganza for girls ages 4-11. Last year was the first time that we added boys to the mix to show them how to interact properly with girls.  The Saturday afternoon includes a crowning, limo ride, etiquette lessons, lunch and entertainment.  The parents/grandparents are part of a separate Empowerment Session. They relax, shop with our vendors and relax by the fireplace while being inspired by a speaker and building new relationships.  To enjoy this pre holiday celebration, register at



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