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Getting To Know Accie Griffin

November 12, 2018

My mom used to love attending funerals.  It was always like a family reunion seeing people you haven’t seen in such a long time and especially those who had moved away.  In addition, there was always a repast that would hold you over until the next day.

On Saturday I attended the Homegoing Service of Accie Griffin.  I am intrigued sometimes by the detailed obituaries that give you a glimpse of a person’s life, the pictorials and the remarks by friends.  I only know Mr. Accie from when I visited Crown Ministries where he was an Elder.  I’ve only seen him a few times and probably only spoke to him once or twice during the segment “go to 2-3 people and say….”  I never had a decent conversation with Mr. Accie nor did I realize how sick he was and how he had a longing to join his beloved Evelyn in heaven.

If I had taken the time to get to know Mr. Accie, he probably would have recapped things I learned about him at his funeral.  He raised 12 of his own kids and additional relatives.  He would have told me how he loved to hunt and the traps he would set.  How he used to sit at the country store and laugh and joke with friends.  I can imagine he had his own favorite soda, a Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. Mr. Accie was what we may call today a serial entrepreneur and a well-rounded man.  He was a welder by trade, owned his own fish market and a farm of livestock and crops.  He was a hog doctor and could cure anything ailing a hog. With such a large family he had built-in hired help and enough to stock a baseball team for recreation after a week of hard work. He loved baseball and could have made the big league but decided to stay in Martin County.

I heard some refer to him as A-C and others ASEE.  Lifelong friends who will miss the phone calls but still have precious memories.  I call him the forgotten Patriarch that our children today don’t appreciate.  The type of African American Man who made our race strong.  Thanks Accie Calvin Griffin, Sr. and Evelyn Marie Williams Griffin for leaving us a strong legacy of 10 remaining children, 38 grandchildren and 42 great grand children.IMG_5045

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