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Let’s stop bullies!

January 30, 2020


Author Ajani Kambón wrote a story called,"The Day Mo Stood Up." It's about
 a girl making some quick decisions of her own, in handling being bullied at
 school. Kambón was inspired to write this story because of an increase in 
 the  mental health crisis of Black people over the past few decades. He
 mentioned there has been a significant increase of Black children in mental
 health facilities, as well as suicide, as it relates directly and indirectly 
 to bullying. The illustrator Fuze Aquene Namid, portrays the innermost 
 emotions that youth experience in attending school, but his arrow pointing 
 upward of the front cover exhibits that things will get better!

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  1. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. To have an idea spread out is bith rewarding and humbling. Much love to you and special thanks to TCP mag!!

  2. To see and know that our brothers have our back, is an amazing feeling to know the children of the future arw being fought for. They need to know we are more than concerned but actively teaching on an emotional level and repairing the trauma of the past.

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