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A 400 Year Legacy

February 1, 2020

19th Annual African American Cultural Celebration

The 19th AACC had many activities at the NC Museum of History on Saturday January 25, 2020! It was their 20[20] vision of a 400 legacy in Looking Back, Moving Forward and Claiming Our Identity. We celebrated Music, Movement and Drama; History, Film, and Enterprise; Education and Heritage. Then there were Food Vendors; Craft and Art Traditions. There were a multitude of activities for all ages. The Opening kickoff was the procession of the United States Colored Troops Color Guard, and Reenactors Tryon Palace Jonkonnu, and St. Augustine’s University Superior Sound Marching Band and Drumline. Lynnette Barber, led the opening musical performance with: “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” There were two main lobby performers: saxophonist Freddy Greene, and guitarist with a saw and bones, Dwight Hawkins. Then there was Eugene Taylor, The Drum Prophet. He said the Lord put the “Rhythm of Life Drumcircle” in his spirit. He involved his 2 daughters in playing the drums and singing. He invited the audience to participate and asked them, “Who has rhythm?” There were several participants including myself, that joined the drumcircle and played. It was a delight! We could feel the pulsating beat of the the Djembe drum performance. Djembe means a goblet-shaped hand drum originating in West Africa. Eugene is call the Wellness Ambassador. He uses his drums to provide comfort for patients, and entertainment to visitors at Rex Hospital. He works transporting patients of UNC Rex Healthcare. Patients and fellow artists, regard Eugene Taylor as “anointed, healing, soothing, touching and a genius!” As we celebrate the African American legacy, do you know your legacy, your gifts, your being, as a member on this planet called Earth? Don’t just learn, who you are, but become all that you can be!

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