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NRACT 2020-2021 Season Announcement by Edith Berry

February 18, 2020

On the road with TCP Magazine, lead to North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre. They’re going into their 19th season which was 18 years from February 2002. This was an appreciation to the volunteers, that make it happen at the theater, and to announced the theme and productions for this season. It was a grand affair! Everyone mingled, interacted with each other, and board members were in place to meet and greet with guests. The delicacy of food was palatable to the guests delight. The excitement grew as time passed for the big announcement.

Michael Anderson and Romni Rossi shared with Peggy Tatum, founder and editor of TCP Magazine, along with a friend Marcia Mattox that likes to be on the road with TCP, and myself, how the theater started, and the challenges for the first 10-12 years. Michael and Romni shared their friendship of 18 years too. Romni also teaches improv at NRACT and was presented with an unexpected award. After the listing of all these exciting shows, and the entertainment to wet our appetite, it had us drooling. The youth that sang from “Freaky Friday,” had outstanding voices as well as the other singers. If anyone was unsure about attending any productions at NRACT, they were thoroughly persuaded! And the billion dollar question is, to inquire information on The Mystery Show! Loose lips sinks ships! So stay tune!

Romi Rossi ~ Improv Instructor
Disney Freaky Friday The Musical
The Theme
Timothy Locklear ~ Artistic Director

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