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Guilt, Shame, & Storytelling by Edith Berry

March 11, 2020

On the Road for TCP Magazine, I went to HQ Raleigh-Gateway in Raleigh to join Executive Storyteller/Artistic Theologian, a female Griot, Alexus Rhone. She facilitated workshops nationally for people to learn how to tell stories. Alexus shares how to “unpacked our lived realities, and loose the shackles of shame.” Alexus is the Founder of Truth Meet Story, LLC, Executive Producer of Unshackled Production, studied Theology and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary, and Journalism/Public Relations at the University of Texas.

I met Alexus Rhone at Sips & Scripts downtown at Club Imurj. It’s a group that was formed by Yvette Holder to be an advocate for work written by North Carolina playwrights. Alexus’ work was a work in progress, in which groups of actors, playwrights, producers, and directors, get a chance to hear scripts in a stage read setting, critique, and give immediate feedback to the playwright. Alexus has shared stories on a national level, and facilitate in training others, how to be storytellers. I’ve attended a few story telling events such as: Club C Grace for “Jesus Jazz & Dessert Wine,” and Transfer Company Food Hall for “Converging Stories: The First Love.” Now, how far back can you reminisce about your first love? Yes, it takes writing and thinking to get your thoughts together! I didn’t know there was a technique to telling stories. You can’t just rant forever, because you would lose your audience.

In attending “Guilt, Shame, and Storytelling,” you have to open yourself up to confront your innermost feelings. The reasons that we have difficulty is because we feel guilty about what happened, or we’re ashamed of our actions. So, how do we move on to share to an audience of strangers, or friends when we have repressed emotions? Simply put, that’s where Alexus navigates you through telling your story to explore these issues of life, and confront your innermost feelings. She has produced story-slams and page to stage productions. If you would like to venture out, have fun, and become adventurous in 2020, then connect with Alexus Rhone to take a training workshop and tell your story! You can go directly to her facebook page or directly to Unshackled Productions, or Unshackled Publishing. Let the stories begin! This is a Woman in History, for Alexus is brave, bold, and beautiful to share her life experience!

Alexus Rhone

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