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Holiday Time from Theatre Raleigh by Edith Berry

December 23, 2020

I’m now On a Virtual Road for TCP Magazine at Theatre Raleigh of their final episode of Living Room Live, with commentator Lauren Kennedy Brady Monday, December 21, 2020 on YouTube. Theatre Raleigh had their 30th episode since the pandemic. Theatre Raleigh featured their special guest, Moses T. Alexander Greene, along with his special performing guests. They were soloists Sandra Dubose, Clarice Gerald-Hall, and Gerard Williams along with accompanist Carolyn Colquitt.

Greene is the new Director of Performing Arts & Film at North Carolina Museum of Art. He is also the Founder/Artistic Director at Li V Mahob. Greene is an actor, dramaturg, playwright, and producer of that sold out World Premiere of “Pooled!” He was featured on the front cover of TCP Magazine Summer 2019 Digest, and one of the highlights of Pooled at The National Black Theatre Festival. Greene has the Broadway World nomination as being one of the best new production, producing script. He has numerous accolades and still moving beyond the horizon.

Greene’s guest artist Sandra Dubose brought us: Christmas Time is Here; Clarice Gerald-Hall, Who Would Imagine a King, and Gerard Williams, The Christmas Song, accompanied by keyboardist Carolyn Colquitt. They are phenomenally outstanding, talented artists, and brought the Holiday Spirit into our “Living Rooms!” Greene will be curating for the North Carolina Museum of Art using outdoor entertainment locally as well as nationally. Therefore, stay tune to more great work of Moses T. Greene vision of “Belonging.” He wants us to be creative through the performing Arts and film. Happy holidays, and stay safe.

Moses T. Alexander Greene with commentator Lauren Kennedy Brady.

Moses T. Alexander Greene featured guest on Theatre Raleigh.

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