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Social Distancing: Staying Home, Saves Lives!

April 3, 2020

Are you staying on the Road with TCP Magazine? No, we’re not on a real road, but a virtual one. We’re obeying the laws of the land! Our first and foremost concern, is the safety and well-being of our subscribers and followers. The Pandemic attack our country and world of Covid-19, forced us to shutdown activities. Our country’s new slogan is: “Staying Home to Saves Lives!” A new vocabulary that was constituted in our everyday language, wasn’t really used before. But as of March 2020, due to the Covid-19 crisis, Merriam Webster has added Coronavirus disease 2019. It’s abbreviated form is Covid-19, a family of viruses that occurred in 2019. I would like to focus on this new term of Social Distancing.

Social distancing is the safe practice for preventing the spread of this disease. We have been instructed to increase physical space between people to avoid spreading this virus. Now that we are staying six feet apart, not having gatherings of family affairs, church services, concerts, movies, and theater, what in the world can we do? The word social to me connotes being together, needing companionship or company, simply meaning being around other people. We have an urgency to be connected. So let’s stay connected through social media! In this world today, an old R & B song that comes to my mind by James Brown, is called “No Man is An island!” We don’t want to be alone!

Since the onset of Social Distancing, we have engaged in Physical distancing! Make sure you stay 6 feet apart! Social Media usage has increased to “socializing,” via virtual online activities of meetings, rehearsals, performances, singing, and FaceTime calls. But whether you call it social distancing or physical distancing, reach out, but don’t touch, no hugging, but virtual hugs! No handshakes, and no fist bumps. But just like we tell a 2 year old that goes through the terrible two’s no, some people are going to keep doing the same thing. And here we are telling grown folks to wash their hands! What have they been doing all their lives? Well, if you have trouble following the laws of the land outside of your home, “Stay Home to Save Lives!” The life you save may be your own!

A Barren Street
A Full Parking lot

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